Saturday, September 13, 2014

We Celebrate September 16 Today!

Mexico celebrates its independence every September 16 with parades, festivals, feasts, parties and more. Mexican flags are everywhere and the main plaza in Mexico City is packed. But what’s the history behind the date of September 16?
 September 16 is one of Mexico's most important holidays. Every year, local mayors and politicians re-enact the famous Grito de Dolores. In Mexico City, thousands congregate in the Z√≥calo, or main square, on the night of the 15th to hear the President ring the same bell that Hidalgo did and recite the Grito de Dolores. The crowd roars, cheers and chants, and fireworks light up the sky.
On the 16th, every city and town all over Mexico celebrates with parades, dances and other civic festivals. Most Mexicans celebrate by hanging flags all over their home and spending time with family.
A feast is usually involved. If the food can be made red, white and green (like the Mexican Flag) all the better!
 Mexicans that live abroad bring their celebrations with them. In US cities with large Mexican populations, such as Houston or Los Angeles, expatriate Mexicans will have parties and celebrations - you'll probably need a reservation to eat at any popular Mexican restaurant that day!
Some people mistakenly believe that Cinco de Mayo, or May Fifth, is Mexico's independence day. That's not correct: Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates the unlikely Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.
With that being said, today my family went out to celebrate.. and here are some pics for u to enjoy
                                                   If there is music there is a Party!!

Mr. Mcgruff  joined the Party

Games and Prizes!!


                                  The Battle!

                                                                       The Colors, Hats & Food!!

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