Monday, October 20, 2014

Mi Bella Reina 24K Gold Collagen Face& Neck Mask Review!

So I was very lucky to get chosen for this amazing opportunity to share with you the amazing
 Collagen 24K Gold Facial Mask a value of $70!
Let me share some pics of how I started my little facial spa!
 (I don't know why i waited so long!)
Anywho, I got my Collagen 24K Gold Facial Mask about 2 weeks ago..
Today , I was feeling very stressed and tired... ( I Mean who wouldn't after dealing with a Husband whom wants to eat 24/7 and doing homework and whinning kids all weekend right?)
Even tho I wouldn't change it for the world, I needed some much needed  ME TIME!!!

 So Here is the way my package came in!! By the way the girl on this pic looks so happy!! Doesn't she?
I mean, I was like what is she so happy about?.. Note: I was stressed and tired when I saw this.. ok.. LOL!

Anyway I proceeded to opening my very own 24K Gold Facial Mask!! I noticed it was very easy to open,
I love products that are simple to open! As I mentioned above a lot of kids means that I need to keep scissors, etc. safe and where they can't find them as easy... Anyway, I opened my package, and immediately
noticed a really nice aroma!! It was like roses , flowers and just so heavenly!!! They were cold and wet, but felt really good when applied to face!

 Here I am slapping it on.. several pics of me .. Oh yes more to come!
looking a little like Michael Myers!

Now, At this point I am just like... It smells really good but what does a Facial do to a person??
No, I've never had one before today.. Sad, I know! I need more ME TIME!!
I went on to leave my mask on for 30 minutes...
when I had it on for 15minutes my niece woke up!! She was a little freaked out cause she didn't know whom I was!! I thought it was so darn funny! She went off to the bedroom and stayed there the remainder of my facial! Which tells me, If kids run from me I should do this a lot more often!!

Getting very sleepy

Almost out!
              Well at this point, I am super relaxed and I  dozed of for like 5 minutes!!
And then it was time to find out what a facial mask really does... time to take it off!! I must admit , I didn't want to!!

Can you tell in this pic.. my face looks shiny?
So, I have finished my mini spa, and my face looks and feels very , extremely soft and silky!!

 So I asked myself this question earlier.. What does a facial mask do??
Well… facials do all sorts of things! For me it  added  moisture, removed oil, tighten pores, exfoliated my skin, reduced puffiness, and it  felt really  nice! I also learned that doing a face mask is a relaxing way to pamper myself and improve my skin.
Oh, yes,  it also makes cute instagram -able moment!
So, with all this info, what to do next??

Well Go and get you One,two, or even three!!

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MiBellaReina Mask
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P.S. I Know you will enjoy yours as much as I did!!
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