Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#5hourGoesPink @Smiley360 @5HourEnergy

I am superly excited to share THIS review with you! I received #5HourEnergy through Smiley360..
I have to admit I signed up because I found out that, 5- Hour Energy , Supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer!
LBBC helps to support and educate people about breast cancer.
 I was intrigued! After I received My Smiley360 5-Hour Energy Kit.  I immidiately had to  try!!
I received two 5-Hour Energy Pink Lemonade flavored and I couldn't wait to try it but I did...

I had to wait till the next day because my mail runs late and I wanted to use it in a time, when I 
started to feel sleepy, tired and overwhelmed.. but still had lots to do.
So I waited till the next day! 
Needless to say , around 2pm, my day seemed endless!! I felt tired and like I wasn't going to make it!! 
So... I took it!  .... Pink Lemonade tasted a little sweet but at the same time a little sour.. No after taste to me.. I waited and hoped that I would not feel the "jitters".. 
About 30 minutes later I was on track! 
I didn't feel tired I didn't have the "jitters" and best of all I had the energy I needed to finish my day! 
Now, With this being said .. I would like to also let you know that 5-Hour Energy Pink Lemonade
is a Limited Edition and only available until Dec. 31st, 2014.
What are you waiting for?? Go and grab your Today!!
Don't forget to make a toast!! Here is mine!!

“I’d like to raise my white bottle pink ribbon 5-hour ENERGY® in honor of all the amazing people around the world – I want to honor my my Friend Stacy for showing me how to stay strong when things get tough. Because of this I toast to you! Stacy M., I nominate you to honor someone special or two in your life. #5hourGoesPink”

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