Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AntiBullying Prevention Awereness!! #BEBRAVE

So , October is AntiBullying Prevention Awereness Month! And I am so Happy to hear that Kids are stepping up!!
I take Bullying very serious and would expect for every parent to also take it seriously!
My children at this moment are attending school and I have had 2 of them come to me and told me that they are being bullied in School already....
 Now, I won't personally go and tell this children anything but I will call the School up real quick and let them know! Consider me a snitch?? Nah , I don't think so.. Not while I am searching for the respect my children deserve! Anyway, I am very proud of a local school for putting 100% in their message! Two thumbs up for the Burkburnett High School!! If more kids would stand up for the one being bullied we could eliminate the bullies and maybe make them realize that it is wrong to pick on someone just because they are different...
Very well Done Burkburnett Bulldogs!!!
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