Thursday, October 30, 2014

BE~A~Ware Know the facts about Respiratory Syncytial Virus!

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I have worked in the nursing field for over 12yrs. and I have heard about RSV several times through out the years!
RSV is a season virus that affects most babies! We hear about this a lot during the  colder season say from November until around March. Even though this virus is so common in children a lot of people know absolutely nothing about it..
 Scary huh? I have six children and I was very fortunate that they never got this virus.
A lot of children aren't so lucky. This is why I want to raise awareness for RSV!!I would like to share with you some of the risks that come with premature babies!
Late preterm infants are usually healthier than babies born earlier, and they're almost as likely to survive as full-term babies. Late preterm babies often weigh between 4 1/2 and 6 pounds, so they may still appear thinner than full-term babies. These babies remain at higher risk than full-term babies for newborn health problems, including breathing and feeding problems, difficulties regulating body temperature, and jaundice. These problems are usually mild, and most babies make a quick recovery. Studies have shown that families with more children, especially school aged children, increases the chances their infants will acquire RSV.
RSV is very contagious and it can stay on our skin for hours. Most symptoms include persistent coughing or wheezing, bluish coloring around the lips and/or fingernails, rapid breathing and grasping for air, and fever!! Please be aware THERE IS NO CURE!! Do Not Take this lightly it is your baby at risk!! If you suspect your child may be at risk and?or  need more information, Please visit RSVprotection.

Thank you so much!
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