Thursday, October 2, 2014

Label Daddy Review!

The two founders, of the Label Daddies, met back in high school when they were just sixteen years old, and to this day have remained the best of friends. For many years they have dreamed of becoming business partners and having the opportunity to combine their entrepreneurial skills. Before they could do that, they needed to find a great product that they believed was practical, useful, and worth its value to consumers. Both daddies have substantial experience in business in very different arenas, thus bringing a wide variety of skills to the table. One of our daddies has worked in the garment industry selling and managing production lines for all sorts of products while the other daddy has worked with banks and financial institutions assisting them in managing their balance sheets. The daddies were inspired to create Label Daddy soon after becoming parents themselves. They would often hear many fellow parents complain that too much time was spent labeling and re-labeling clothes and other items that their children took to camp or school with so-called permanent markers that often faded in the wash. They realized this was the moment they had been waiting for, the opportunity to use their respective business experience to create a stylish, adorable, and extremely useful product. A product that would be easy to use, time efficient for mom, durable for dad, inexpensive for both and very personalized. "When our children inspire us is when true success in life happens!!" This definitely is the case for our two Label Daddies. With their families behind them they truly believe in this product and know you will LOVE their labels as much as they do. Both daddies thank you in advance for your support and wish you all health and happiness!!

With this being said they have lots and lots of packages to choose from,
I chose The Luggage package.. and Love it!!! Mine have my name and address and I also chose to laminate them!
 Label Daddy's labels are microwave, dishwasher and washer/dryer safe! The only company with laminated labels, they guarantee their laminated labels will not run/smear when coming in contact with sunscreen and other chemicals. Label Daddy is also the only label company teamed up with Disney! Choose from a large selection of your favorite Disney characters on your labels from Label Daddy, with new favorites being added soon!

This Pictures do no justice! Sorry i couldn't show my address... wouldn't want creepers around my house.. lol.. anyway, They came in a cute little bag offering 10% off my next order , and of course I will order again!
Head on over to Label Daddy and put your order in ! Nothing better than having all your personal belonging marked with your name.! 
I believe that Label Daddy labels are very affordable! As soon as my labels run out i will be ordering more. The job that this labels do is just awesome! No more loosing jackets, shoes, even your laptop or your child's tablet because of how well the labels work they are hard to come off, so when you put it on anything make sure you want it to be permanent!

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