Saturday, October 11, 2014

Save $2 on Licefree Spray

About the product:
Licefreee Spray! Instant Head Lice Treatment starts killing lice on contact. The non-toxic spray application makes the one step solution fast, safe and easy to apply.
Licefreee Spray! is a homeopathic formula that has been tested 100% effective in killing lice and their nits. Combing is not a required step for the treatment to be effective, but may be required by your school's no-nit policy.
Licefreee Spray! includes a professional stainless steel comb if nit removal is desired.
Licefreee! provides effective treatment and is completely non-toxic to humans, though its deadly to lice. Since its launch over 10 years ago, Licefreee! has become America's #1 non-toxic brand chosen for head lice treatment. Licefreee! Non-toxic Lice Killing Hair Gel uses naturally occurring ingredients to kill lice and their eggs.
The formula is free of pyrethrum and permethrin and comes with a professional stainless steel comb for easy nit removal. Licefreee! Leaves no harmful pesticide residue on the hair or scalp and is safe for multiple applications. Available in a Single Dose 4oz Gel, Double Dose 8oz Gel, and a 6oz Spray! Each comb with a metal comb.

My Review:

If you are having this kind of  headache going on in your home , don't let it be such a hassle.. There is hope!! I was so glad when I received Licefree Spray in the mail and I did receive this product for free... but the reason I'm doing this review is because it really works!!
Yes!!! It really does work!!
I started this small journey on a Thursday when I noticed my daughter scratching and scratching at her head, of course I am from hispanic culture (not saying that no one else knows how to tell, ok .. please don't get offended.)
Most hispanics like myself when people scratch so much at their head, we immediately think there are crawlers up there.. So i check her head and come to find out I was right..
Oh no ... I thought what am i going to do??
Well, I had received Licefreee Spray in the mail just a day earlier, and I was like,
 let me try if this is as good as it says..
Now, this isn't the first time my daughter had this on her head, but we had never used this...
We've tried different things to the point of using VINEGAR!! Poor Baby!!

Here are some pics for the beginning of our journey!
                        This what came in our small box..
                      The bottle
                        The Spray
                        The Professional Knit Comb
                   (by the way ,directions are on the box.)
                                  We started by combing the hair,
                                           and parting it in four.
             (my daughter's hair is very long and thick,
                 so this took me a couple of minutes...)

                               Then we started the spraying process! 
                       (I recommend, that if your hands are fragile,
                  please wear gloves, I say this because my hands 
after washing and drying felt and looked a little dried out..)

                   I noticed it has a small odor of maybe lavender, but my daughter and I  liked it!
               I did the whole scalp and immediately starting seeing results... As you may be able to see on the                          bottom pic, I think they were running for there life, or meeting death..
If you can't see it look closely by my thumb there is something there that was dying!!
And i was very satisfied to see this! Not so much the Lice but to see that Licefreee Spray was working!!

After the spraying of the scalp i did the remainder of the hair making sure i got behind
the ears, and everywhere else i could possibly think of..

After being done, i wrapped her head/hair with a bandana, and let 
Licefree Spray do it's Magic!!
I left the Licefree Spray on my daughter's head all night!
(No, you don't have to do this, but I did.)
I'm sure you're wondering why?? 
Well I felt that it would be even more effective this was,
(but this is only my opinion!)
Because like I've mentioned before I had never tried it..
After all this, on Friday morning, I woke her up, gave her a bath and 
washed her hair out really good.
I brushed her hair and sent her off to school!!
Waited until she got back to use the Professional Nit Comb.
Everything that came out were corps!

Now the best part... 
LiceFree Spray costs about $10.00 and I have a link 
right here to SAVE $2.00 !!!!
You can Purchase Licefree Spray, directly from Tech Lab Inc.

I would Like to give a very special Thanks to 
One2One Network!!
For this amazing Product!!

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