Sunday, November 30, 2014

Anavita Review

We are always looking for ways to make ourselves look younger, well.. Anavita moisturizing Anit-Wrinkle Cream does that and more! Anavita helps eliminate those unwanted wrinkles!
Anavita is totally different from other creams,It is very rich and creamy and thick . you use a small amount and dot it on around the face and then rub it in. I do not recommend you use or combine with other creams, because it has so much in it already that makes it complete!
Anavita, makes your skin very ,super, extra soft.!  It also serves as a day cream, night cream and make up base!
So far, I have used the cream for a week and I have gotten amazing results!

Here is a before pic.

All those horrible wrinkles just got worse when I smiled.
Thank goodness i found Anavita!

Here is a after picture. (Note: This has only been 1 week!)

I can totally see and feel the difference!  Now , I applied this once during the day and it was at night time before bed. This cream really doesn't have an odor,  which is also one of the things I liked. It is very rich, the only thing I did feel with this cream is a little tightness after it had been applied. It didn't irritate my skin. If you are looking for a powerful , yet complete cream , I hope you give Anavita a try!

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