Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#SpinKindness in all you do!

Spinkindness is a program for every one and for all ages!!
Spinkindness is a revolution  in social caring, spinkindness mission is to create and inspire countless acts of kindness by leveraging corporate resources and connecting people in meaningful ways.
 Now , you don't have to be rich to get involved. A simple act of kindness is , opening a door for someone, saying thank you or even please. Maybe even a simple but, treasurable smile makes a difference in this world!
I so desperately wanted to participate in this program, because I felt the need to show my children what something so simple can do to a family that might need it, even a person whom, is having a bad day can have a better day with a simple smile!
Sometimes we think that our kindness goes unnoticed but, other people can and will remember all day or maybe they will even keep spinning kindness.

With this being said,  started with some of my neighbors, she has 6 children and this is so unexpected.. Oh and like I said before, It doesn't have to be big, to me it's the thought and effort you can put into something to make it special to someone else, Here is my daughter with some lovely cupcakes, hot cocoa and boogie wipes, she is so excited. :)

We also went out to different places like Wal-Mart. gas stations parks , even to donation drop box, just to share some love and say Thank you for being you! 

There are so many ways , we can all spin a little kindness this holidays, I encourage you to do a random act of kindness ! It feels so good and trust me , you won't want to stop at just one!

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