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Adventure Landing Theme Park Review

Adventure Landing, Dallas Theme Park has great ways to spend quality time with your family! 
Adventure Landing, Dallas, features: 
  •  Adventure Speedway Go-Karts 
  • Adventure Golf - three 18-hole miniature golf courses 
  • Laser Tag in our Themed Arena 
  • A monster Video and Redemption Gaming 
  • Arcade Bumper Boats On-site food services Snack Bars

I want to let my readers know that I only provide honest reviews and if I seem a little out of place with this review it's because I did feel that way during my visit!

Before I go into the fun we had, As we were driving in we were amazed at the huge place that looked almost like a zoo, because they had lots of  cute ceramic animals. That automatically caught our eyes, and my children were screaming they were ready to get out!!
First thing that caught our attention and had us ready and thrilled!

When we walked in, we were greeted , by a huge Arcade Hall
Now , I love me some games, and my children do as well, but what surprised me is that even my husband was ready to play!!
First things first , I went to go introduce myself and let them know what I was there to do.
It was kind of lonely, meaning there weren't a lot of people and I thought it was because it was early. Time 11:30am so , I went on to find a young lady, whom I will not mention names but, had no kind of customer service. By no costumer service I mean there was no kind of greeting, I had to approach her and I asked her how was her day and let her know what I was there to do. She immediately responded, "I don't know what you are talking about, I am going to get the manager". Ok, well the manager approached me and said "what's going on'? So, I went on to introduce myself and told him the same thing I had just told the young lady, and he also said that he didn't know what I was talking about.... Anywho ... I finally showed him my email and he said, "You are suppose to post before you come out here".. At this point, I am very embarrassed, but I just drove 2 1/2 hours to go have some great family time, with my family! I told the manager that I had posted and he said "Let me go see if your name is on the papers".. So , my family and I waited.
After a minute he arrived and told me, "Yes , It's here... could you sign the paper, showing that you have picked up your package."
 I signed , and was expecting maybe a little more courtesy from him, but nothing! He proceeded to put our bracelets on and said.. '' The Laser tag attraction is behind you, and it is the only attraction located inside, the other 2 are outside". Me: Ok, Thank you.
To me, Costumer Service and a clean, safe place are one of the best qualities of a place, I am a person that loves costumer service, if I am not treated well, I can pretty much guarantee I will NOT be back again!

This was our  first time ever at Adventure Landing, and even though we only knew where the arcade hall and the Laser Tag were located, I think we managed to get around.

The first thing we did, but was not included in our package were the fun games in the Arcade Hall!!
We were not going to pass up the opportunity of fun, for some confusion and no courtesy, after all we just drove 2 1/2 hours right?
So here we are having fun in the Arcade hall , Which I only bought $10 worth of tokens which gave us about 40 tokens,to have a blast with!

There are games for all ages,  all of the games were in great working conditions, which I think that was great because no one likes to waste money! After all the fun games we went on to the ticket counter and went to cash in for some prizes! The kids picked out several small ones and we proceeded to more fun!
 Our next stop, was the Laser Tag!! Oh boy the kids at this point are super excited and can't believe we are going in to the Laser Tag!! We get in line which wasn't long at all, so waiting time was very short, I could almost say none, because all we waited for was for everyone to have their gear on!
 Again (the guy there didn't greet anyone or said anything but that we had clips to our laser guns and we should unclip them) .
Now I expected fog everywhere or at least some to make it a little harder to find the person that is aiming at you or you are aiming at but nope! We went in and had our fun with other little boys my children's age of course they had a blast but I think my husband had the most fun being that he teamed up with one of the other little boys. lol.
Here a couple of pics of our adventure in the Laser tag.

After all the running around in the Laser Tag we went on to the miniature golf course, now out here I really enjoyed myself. Why? Well, let's just say that there were loads of great places for pictures!! I did enjoy my time playing mini-golf with my babies and hubby but I liked the fact that there were loads of places to take pics. Now, I am not trying to find the negative in everything, but I do want you (my reader) to know that you get the option of 3 challenge levels and that the one we chose was not very clean, maybe it is the season I don't really know, but we are still going to have fun and take pics! I took pics in the most clean places I could find! and here they are,

 Now we saved the best for last!!!
Or at least that's what we thought. Go Kart time!!
We went to the Go Kart section and we waited in line, we were the first ones and we were just waiting for the race that was going on to finish. Total wait maybe 5 minutes.
We were loaded onto the Go Karts and were told to make sure our seat belts were on right.
Here we are ready for our Adventure,
We, were very excited but our Go Karts weren't on, but any who we were hoping that they would get turned on before the race would start and we were wrong, the race started and we were at a complete stop, my husband and daughter were in front of us and were also at a complete stop, my husband yelled for the young guy that was there and he went on to turn his Go Kart on, he noticed we weren't moving either and came over to turned ours on as well.
Now , we were on the road , when I noticed my husband's Go Kart going way slower than ours, but didn't think anything of it but that we were winning!! lol
On our third lap my hubby's car is at a complete stop and I start noticing a guy run over to him,  and here is how they finished there race, needless to say our race was cut short. We weren't offered the chance to ride again or nothing for that matter, we were just told that it happens.

Now the few laps my son and I got to enjoy were" pretty cool" as he said , but it would have been better if would of actually been able to race daddy".
So here are some pics of us,

Overall, the experience was not great , but we did make the best of it!
Q1: Would I go again?
A: Definitely NOT!
Q2: Do I recommend it?
A: If you don't care for Customer Service and you are just there to have fun, Yes
but, if costumer service is something major for you, like it is for me, then NO!

Pros: You can make a fun filled day with your children.
Make memories that will stay with them forever, Plenty of things and activities to choose from! You can also book your party and they have different Specials for different days. Check them out Here!

Cons: Bad Costumer Service

You can visit them via:
Facebook: Adventure Landing Dallas
Twitter: @aldallastx
Website: Adventure Landing

I want to say a special thanks to USFG for allowing me the opportunity to review, and to Adventure Landing for allowing us to come and play.

Disclosure: I did not receive monetary compensation for my review, but my family and I did receive a Family 4-Pack of 3-Attraction Quest Pass. I do not have to provide a positive review. All reviews are honest and unbiased.
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